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Subcellular Architecture

Our research is focused on the in situ analysis of the subcellular architecture and the characterization of the alterations in neurodegenerative diseases. Our working hypothesis is that the study of such alterations may contribute to gain insights into the pathophysiological basis of diseases, serve as a biomarker and enable the identification of new therapeutic targets. To this end, we have developed protocols based on cryo-preservation of tissue, we use leading-edge nanotomography imaging techniques and advanced three-dimensional (3D) image processing methods and artificial intelligence as instrumental tools to derive quantitative information.

arquitectura subcelular neuronal con tomografía FIB/SEM

Visualization of neuronal subcellular architecture with FIB/SEM tomography. Upper panels: two different 3D representations of the soma of a striatal medium-sized spiny neuron from mouse brain tissue. Lower panel: A section of brain tissue where a neuron is identified and part of its nucleus and citoplasm is observed


José Jesús Fernández Email: Tel. +34 985101396

Group Leader

José Jesús Fernández
Tel. +34 985101396
María del Rosario Fernández

Senior Researcher

María del Rosario Fernández