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IEEE NANO 2024 will have a day full of workshops on Friday 12 July that will be held in the beautiful building of the Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura de Gijón. (More information on the venue here) 


Ceramics are increasingly being used in space applications. These materials are generally lighter than metals and thus, have a low mass,which make them highly appealing to the aerospace industry. Other electrical, thermal and mechanical properties can be adjusted to the particular space needs by using a hybridization approach either in composition or microstructure. However, the industrialization of advanced ceramic materials and nanocomposites is strongly affected by the complicated processing and machining tasks required to comply with the strigent dimentional tolerances and functional requirements demanded by the space industry.

Based on the experience gained in the Horizon Europe Project MiLi, this workshop will address some of the challenges that advanced ceramics
and nanocomposites are facing to enter into the space market.


09:45-10:00. Welcome & Overview

Alberto Martín-Ortega (National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA))

10:00-10:30. Opto-mechanical components for space instruments: Materials’ needs.

Diego Scaccabarozzi (Politecnico di Milano)

10:30-11:00. Ceramic nanocomposites with tailored thermal expansion coefficient.

Adolfo Fernández Valdés (CINN-CSIC)

11-11:30. Manufacturing and commercialization of advanced ceramic nanocomposites.

Sergio Rivera Monte (Nanoker Research SL)

11:30-12:00 Water jet machining of precision components

Luis Martínez (Flow)

Ander Zeziaga (Grupo IAM)

12-12:30. Advanced 3D Printing of technical ceramics

Luis Ignacio Suárez (Fundación IDONIAL)


This workshop is accessible at no cost, though prior registration is recommended due to limited capacity. Register through this form.